"Seedsbazar.in is an online garden store for quality seeds and products with reasonable prices.”

A passionate gardener who also wants to help for the green environment. The passion mixed with the profession is the basis for this site. So here we stick to you, in providing the best quality products from our site at the most reasonable price possible. We also encourage you to achieve your passion through us and we will be happy for the same. Most of our products are tested in our garden (for germination). We seek your valuable suggestions and advice’s to info@seedsbazar.in which helps us to grow along with you. Space is not a constraint if you have an intention to have a garden. You can start gardening from your available free space such as Open Plot, Terrace, Balcony, or on a window sill.

Currently, we deal with the following Products:

  • Vegetable Seeds Heirloom Seeds, Open pollinated Seeds,  Hybrid Seeds, Exotic Varieties and  Flower Seeds.
  • Planting Needs such as Grow Bags, Plant Booster, Seaweed, Fungicides, Cocopeat discs, and Organic Manure, etc.,
  • We also supply in gift packing for special occasions  based on pre-order and good quantity

Benefits of Gardening:

  1. You can get fresh, pesticide-free and tasty Vegetables and Fruits which leads to a healthy life.
  2. Watering /Caring plants burns your calories to some extent.
  3. You can relax well during your free time with your family and friends.
  4. Harvesting Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers from a plant grown by you gives excitement and pleasure.

“Wish you pleasant greenery and good harvest ahead with our services”