How To Sow Seeds ?

Some seeds are very sensitive and should be handled very delicately. Seeds for growing gourds such as Bottle-gourd, Ridge-gourd, Bitter-gourd, Snake-gourd, and watermelon should be soaked in water for 1 hour to minimize the germination process. All leafy vegetable seeds such as Amaranths, Sorrel, Palak, Spinach, coriander, etc… are recommended to sow directly on the bed […]

Grow Marigold Plants From Seeds ?

Marigold is one of the major flower cultivation crops in India and it one of among the easy growing house plants as well. Marigold flowers are mostly used for garland making. Marigold seeds are available based on the colour and size of the flower, Plant and purpose of cultivation. Choose some area in partial shade […]

How to grow Lotus & Waterlilies ?

Lotus and waterlilies are the most admirable flower. They grows only in water bodies. Lotus plants can be grown in two ways. One by collecting its tuber/rhizomes from nearby Lotus pond or through the fellow gardeners who are already growing them and from the nearby plant nurseries. The other way around is by sowing Lotus […]