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Bavistin is a Fungicide and its technical name is Carbendazim 50%WP.

This packet comes in 100grams packing. 1 gram Bavistin powder for 1 Liter of water mix well and spray on soil/bed before 2 hours of sowing seeds.

Uses: It can control and prevent the following specific crop diseases. Powdery mildew, leafy spots (up/down the leaves) Stem rot, anthracnose and wilt, if used as per instructions given on packet.

 Since it’s a chemical we recommend to use them mostly on flower and on ornamental plants . Don’t use them for vegetable and Fruit crops, if you want to grow them completely in a natural or organic way.

Seed Treatment: 1 gram of bavistin for 10 grams of flower seeds can be taken in a paper cover and shake well to get coat on seeds. Burn the paper cover after use.

Ratio to Use: 1 gram per 1 liter of water.


Keep away from children. Its not eatable food for humans and animals so lock them in a rack and keep away from cattle.

Wash hands thoroughly after use and strictly follow all the instructions given on packet. 

We recommend you not to use this if you are growing vegetables completely organic/naturally

You can always use for flower garden which are not edible.

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