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It is a hybrid variety. Bottle gourds are medium tall. Bottle gourd grows well when temperature is above 20°C. Soak the seeds for 4 hours in regular water before sowing. We recommend sowing them directly into soil or in a big container to avoid transplanting shock. Bottle gourd starts giving fruits after 70-80 days of sowing. It is a high yielding variety, which gives 40-50 cm long fruits with an average weight of 300-800 grams with uniform in size. . Picture displayed here are only for reference. Size of the fruit depends on growing conditions. Soaking seeds in water before sowing shortens the germination period. Seeds will take maximum of 15 days or before to germinate based on soil conditions. Make sure soil is moist all the time but not soggy.

Note: For best germination results, use all the seeds within 2 weeks after reaching you. For growing seedlings use a fine mixture of soil/sand, Coco-peat in 1:3 ratio. For more information check out  how to sow seeds.


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