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    Chocolate capsicum is a good yielding hybrid variety, plants are medium tall. Capsicum is a cool season crop. They can be grown all-round the year under protective environment. First set of fruits can be harvested starting from 75 days after planting. The average fruit weight is 50-200 grams based on growing conditions. Fruits will be of 3-4 lobes and dark in Chocolate colour. Fruits colour slightly gets changed based on Climate conditions. Great in taste and good in aroma with Shiny fruits. Soak capsicum seeds in water for 4 hours to shorten the germination period. Capsicum Seeds will take maximum of 15 days or before to germinate based on soil conditions. Make sure soil is moist all the time but not soggy.

Note: For best germination results, use all the seeds within 2 weeks after reaching you. For growing seedlings use a fine mixture of soil/sand, Coco-peat in 1:3 ratio. For more information check out  how to sow seeds.


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