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Chukkakura is a leafy vegetable. Can be easily grown in pots/ containers and in open land. Requires less space and semi shaded areas. Each packet of seeds we provide can be sown in 2 – 3 pots based on size of the pot. Sow seeds bit away from each other. Maintain distance minimum 5cm while sowing. One can sow seeds under trees and other plants. Well drained soil with mixture of manure, sand and garden soil in 1:1:2 ratio is ideal soil mix for growing all types of leafy vegetables.  Less watering is required based on soil conditions. Keep cutting leaves for use instead of  plucking full plant and it keeps growing. From each plant one can harvest 2 to 3 times of leaves. First cutting can be taken in 20 to 30 days of sowing based on plant growing conditions. Add manure after 25 to 35 days of sowing.

Note: For best germination results, use all the seeds within 2 weeks after reaching you. For more information check out  how to sow seeds.


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