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These are also called as Coco peat Plugs or Coco Peat Discs or Coco peat germination Pellets or Coco buttons. This comes in 30 mm in size mostly used for growing seedlings from seeds. Easy to sow and very comfortable to transplant them to pot or to plant pit. These plugs are suitable for growing for all types of vegetable and flower seedlings by reducing 90% of transplanting shock to plants which cause by ordinary methods of planting. Each order will contain 20 pieces of cocopeat plugs.

Directions to Use: Place the plugs in a bowl, add 1 glass of water to it and allow them to expand for 1 minute. Remove excess water, make a hole in the center of the disc and sow the seed. Keep the disc moist all the time and once after getting 4 sets of true leaves to the seedling, transplant them along with the plug to the desired pot.

Size of cocopeat Plug: Height before adding water: 1cm or 10mm, Width/Diameter: 3cm or 30mm.  Height after adding water: 6cm or 60mm


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