Epsom Salt is used in gardens for increasing Magnesium Sulphate in soil.  It encourages plants to bloom better with green foliage. Epsom salts can be used for all types of plants. Plants like Tomato’s, Chili, Lemon, and roses responds well for Epsom salt. Epsom Salt gets easily dissolved in water and can used as foliage spray to get more flowers than as usual.  

How To use:

  • Use 1 spoon of Epsom slat to 2 liters of water mix well and spray on plants till all the branches and leaves get fully wet. Use regularly like monthly twice/thrice for better results.
  • 1 to 2 spoonful of Epsom salt can be used per pot while mixing preparing the potting mix.
  • If you have plants which are already growing in back yard or in pots, then slightly dig out the top layer of soil without effecting the root system and sprinkle 1 spoon of Epsom salt per pot just away from the stem and pour water as needed. Use regularly like monthly once/twice for best results.

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