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Kashi Tomato is one of the popular /Desi/Native/Heirloom variety cultivated and saved seeds from generations. Kashi Tomato is very sour to taste than the normal one available in market. It comes with thick pulp and more juicy. Tomato seeds are easy to grow. Plants can grow up to 4 feet tall if staking provided. Fruit appears in winkled shape with an average weight of 50 to 200 grams each, based on growing conditions. This variety is well suitable for backyard and terrace gardens. Regular feeding to plants gives good yield.

Note: For best germination results use the seeds packet within 2 weeks after reaching you. For growing seedlings use a fine mixture of soil/sand, Coco-peat and compost in 1:3:1 ratio. For more information check out on how to sow seeds.


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