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This variety produces Ridge-gourds which are medium long fruits with thick pulp. Soak seeds in a bowl of water for 2-3 hours before sowing. Sow the seeds directly on the desired location or in a minimum of  12/12 inch pot. Raising seedlings is not required for Ridgegourd seeds. Cover the seeds with fine cocopeat and don’t let the soil to dry out completely. Cover the pot with Jute bag/Dry grass which releases heat and helps the seeds to germinate faster. Keep the soil always moist but not soggy for good germination. Ridgegourd  grows well when temperatures are in between 20°C – 35°C. The most common problem with this plants are lack of pollination, to overcome it grow some flower plants around them. Growing 2 to 3 plants  near by may also helps in better pollination. Frequent cutting of Ridge-gourds gives more yield based on plant growing conditions. Ridge-gourd plants needs full sun and cant tolerate to shaded areas.

Note: For best germination results, use all the seeds within 2 weeks after reaching you. For growing seedlings use a fine mixture of soil/sand, Coco-peat & compost in 1:3:1 ratio. For more information check out  how to sow seeds.


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