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Gelyplus is an organic plant nutrient produced from seaweed. Gelyplus promotes  flowering, stronger crops, enhanced seed germination, increases yield and quality. Increased resistance to insects and diseases. It also helps plants to deal with environmental stressors such as heat, cold, wind, drought, and diseases. Plants recover fast from stress caused due to strong winds, drought, abnormal temperature variations & transplanting. A larger root system makes better use of available nourishment and water thereby improving yield, crop quality shelf life, colour taste of produce.

Enlarged Leaf Structure: Increases photosynthesis thereby building stronger plants & giving better harvests.

Excellent Seed Germination: Seed treated with gelyplus improves seed germination due to the presence of natural hormones.

Improves Soil Texture: The continued use of gelyplus increases the bacterial activity in the soil thereby increasing the root mass thus sustaining the soil texture for future use.

Improves Plant Immunity: The continued use of gelyplus strengthens the Plant immunity there by reducing damage caused by disease and fungal attacks.

Reduction of pesticides: It gives systemic resistance to the plant and hence helps in reducing pesticide consumption.

Enriches the soil: Greatly improves the microbial activity in the soil. Develops Phosphate content and Nitrogen Fixer (Like Blue Green Algae) in soil and thereby reduces consumption of chemical fertilizers.

Dose: 25 grams / 25 liters of water. Spraying on plants or water the plants like the normal watering in evenings after 4pm for better results. Avoid overuse or over watering to plants.


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