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Sun & flower the name came because It follows the Sun. Sunflower turns towards the direction of Sunlight. Children enjoys it by seeing it moved towards the direction of sun. Sunflower grows well in warm climate with full sun. Use fine mixture of cattle manure and soil for growing sunflower plants. We recommend to directly sow in pots or in open plots. Maintain moist is soil all the time and not soggy. Soak seeds in water for 1 night and sow them the next day for better germination. Each pack contains 25+ seeds. Use minimum of 9X9 inch pot  for 1 plant. If you are growing them on ground leave minimum 1 feet of space between each plant.

Note: For best germination results. Use all seeds within 2 weeks after reaching you. Directly sow the seeds in pots or on ground. 


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