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The one which we sell here are processed, triple filtered fine Smooth Neem Powder. Neem Powder is a natural fertilizer, and which is commonly used in gardening as a insecticide. Neem powder controls soil borne diseases. Neem Powder also helps to retain moist in soil to some extent. Neem Products keeps pests at control if used regularly.

For Direct use: Use 3 to 4 spoon full of Neem powder while preparing potting mix. 

As a Insecticide: Add 1 liter of water with 500 grams of Neem Powder, mix it thoroughly and leave it aside. After 1 hour stir/shake the liquid well and filter it. Use this liquid with 1:3 liters of water and add 1 spoon of cooking oil and mix it well. Now the liquid fertilizer is ready for spraying on plants. Spray this liquid only in early morning or during evenings hours for better results.

Note: Keep away from children and pets. Since it is in dusted form use it carefully and avoid inhaling.

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